Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller: 0776 246 9059           Exeter, UK

Katy spent her 20s working as a freelance storyteller as well as a partner in a strategy consultancy (Latitude Partners LLP), a possibly unique job combination!  She understands first-hand how story and metaphor can be used effectively in organisations.


Between 2000 and 2006, she worked with Philippa Tipper as A Word in Edgeways running a number of one-off workshops and longer projects for a range of clients including the BBC, the Home Office, the Open University, the Countryside Agency, the Government Office for the South East and a series of OpenSpace events funded jointly by the Treasury and the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Read in detail here about their innovative work for the DTI.


More recently, she has used storytelling in her work for a start-up housing design company, a major accountancy firm and an international pharmaceutical company.


Katy would be delighted to discuss how you might use storytelling in your organisation. Here are some ways that have worked well in the past...


- performance of traditional tales to provoke discussion or spice up a corporate event


- creating a "story of the day" on the spot, to be shared at the close of a conference or company away day, reflecting on what has taken place that day


- using story and metaphor to evaluate or celebrate a process or event


- a fresh angle on communication and presentation training


- the basis for an enjoyable, stimulating team day

Client feedback


"Your contribution and energy were absolutely fantastic. I’m so glad I contacted you - thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"It was creative, different and great fun!"


"We liked the way you worked with us - not selling a formula, but really trying to understand what we wanted to achieve"


"I was amazed at how easily and happily people slipped into using metaphors and story"


"This was a highly worthwhile exercise, which exceeded all our expectations. And in the process we uncovered some very creative and imaginative thinkers in our midst."


"We have learnt so much.  We'll definitely be using storytelling again to support other projects"


"It made me speak more fluently than usual"


"Your stories were excellent.  You

really made the evening come to life"

Storytelling in Business