Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller: 0776 246 9059           Exeter, UK


"A fantastic event"

Dorset County Council


"Rhiannon is a tour de force.  It was not just a pleasure but a privilege to be present at a telling which took a young talented storyteller into the top rank of her profession"

Mythstories museum, Shropshire


"Katy performed to spellbound capacity audiences with grace, style and integrity"

Festival at the Edge


"Entertaining and accomplished"

Arts Council


Rhiannon is a fresh retelling of the story of Rhiannon from Celtic myth.  It is based on the 1st and 3rd branches of the great Welsh mythological cycle, the Mabinogion.


Katy Cawkwell originally developed this story for the Festival at the Edge in 2003.  She has performed it many times since then, in story-clubs and theatres, including the Barbican and the British Museum (2018), and at four international storytelling festivals.


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Further details


A woman goes on a great journey, from her world into our own,

from eternal youth to mortal suffering,

from passionate first love to the strength of love rediscovered,

from vision to understanding.


Intertwined with her story are the stories of a young king, a brave farmer, an old traveller and a shadowy lord of the Otherworld.  Not to mention the nine trusted companions, the six treacherous midwives and one of the three golden shoemakers...


The show is in two 45 minute halves and is not suitable for under 8s.