Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller: 0776 246 9059           Exeter, UK

Katy is actively seeking bookings for her new pieces of work Tristan and Iseult and Iron Teeth, Eaten Heart.  She would also be delighted to discuss developing a new commission or bookings for any of the shows listed below - click on the images for more details.


Most of these shows are unsuitable for under 10s.  If you are looking for a family show, please browse the Education page or contact Katy for suggestions.

The Falcon Bride

Perseus and Medusa

The Kingdom of       .   the Heart

The Sky Beyond the Sky

The Romance of Lancelot


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Icelandic saga

A wild tale from Siberia

Arthurian legend

Venezuelan creation myth

Celtic romance

Norse legend

Greek myth

Czech wondertale

Welsh mythology