Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller: 0776 246 9059           Exeter, UK


A clear, powerful retelling of a gripping family saga featuring incestuous twins, a formidable dragon, a warrior queen, an irresolute king and a hero whose peculiar sense of honour draws him inexorably to his death.


These are the stories, drawn from the Norse Edda, the Volsung Saga and the Nibelungenlied, that inspired Tolkien and Wagner.  


Either, Sigurd and Fafnir: a powerful, poetic solo storytelling performance.   Previously performed at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival and the Earthouse, Cranborne.


Or Sigurd and Brunhild: story intercut with lieder by Brahms, Mahler, Schubert and others, in collaboration with Rachael Buxton, pianist and Mandy Groom, soprano.  Previously performed at Blackheath Music Halls and the Holywell Music Room.  


Not suitable for under 10s.

Audience response:


"That wasn't storytelling, that was pure magic!"


"All 3 of you were fantastic, it was really riveting entertainment and beautiful music"  


"The balance between you all was both dramatically and acoustically very effective and the whole evening compelling"

Sigurd - the stories of the Ring


Sigurd and Fafnir at the Earthouse 2005