Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller: 0776 246 9059           Exeter, UK

The Story of the Mayflower

A gripping, interactive performance that tells the Story of the Mayflower, commissioned and approved by the Mayflower400 programme in Plymouth.  


It follows the journey of Squanto, the native boy who was captured by the English, but escaped back home to play a key role in the Pilgrims’ first year in America, and the journey of William (Bradford), the sickly boy from England who travelled first to Holland and then across the ocean, following a dream and trusting in God.  Along the way, the children encounter many more of the main characters and events surrounding the journey of the Mayflower, ending with a short reflection on how these events are remembered today.  Katy makes use of dramatic gesture, questions, simple props and interactive movement to fully engage and involve the children in the story.


The performance has been developed with input from academics and members of the Mayflower400 team to ensure historical accuracy and links very well to the educational resources available on the Mayflower400 website.  It makes a brilliant springboard for developing creative/factual writing on this theme and would be excellent preparation work for pupils entering the Plymouth Anthology of Young People's Writing Competition 2019.


The performance lasts an hour and has been developed for KS2, but can be adapted for KS1 or KS3.  Allow 20-30 mins after the performance for questions and further discussion.  Indicative cost: £125 (plus £25 travel to Plymouth) for a single performance for up to 60 children.  Contact me to discuss your school's exact needs and budget.

“Wow! Absolutely fabulous! What a fantastic storytelling session. Never before have a class of 32 Year Three pupils sat so enthralled,  listening intently to every word spoken. What a great introduction to such an important historical event, linking together the history of our local area with the history of the United States of America. Can’t wait to welcome her back! This should be a must for every child in Plymouth!” Sarah-Jane Tustain, Headteacher, Plympton St Maurice Primary School  


"Following extensive work, Katy Cawkwell has produced a fantastic, engaging and enlightening telling of the many Mayflower narratives. Through collaboration and trials, the session is not only historically accurate, but touches on the sensitive issues with openness and honesty. By listening to Katy, students are able to experience history in an absorbing and exciting way, bringing the people to life and creating a bond with the story. Katy’s telling of the Mayflower narratives provides the perfect way to begin the students journey to the 2020 commemorations, consolidate their understanding or just spark interest and imagination! As we approach 2020, and children and young people across the city are being asked about their history, they would undoubtedly benefit from experiencing the work of Katy – I am and will continue to urge schools to engage with this project.” Kate Walker, Mayflower Education Project Officer