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The Falcon Bride

"A fantastic, dark but funny Icelandic tale..." **** EverythingTheatre (full review here)


“I do not think this is the last wedding where you will feature as the bride!"


Beautiful, fierce and deadly, Hallgerd is not a woman to be taken lightly, ripping through husbands like a falcon through its prey.  But has she met her match in Gunnar, a true Viking hero?



















Katy tells episodes from the great Icelandic Saga of Njal, bringing before you the passionate queen who curses the lover half her age when he leaves her and the

initially poignant, finally devastating stories that unfold.


Darkly comic, tragically romantic by turns, this tale will have you gripped and

offers a fascinating glimpse into pagan society in the land of fire and ice.


Njal's Saga storytelling Hallgerd Gunnar


Image: Shirin Adl


Youtube clip of live performance here.

Audience feedback:


"Gripping, humorous, beautifully crafted.... I loved the singing"


"Completely swept away.  With just your body language and your voice, you became all the characters.  My first storytelling experience and I was captivated!"


"Better than the cinema!"


"Absolutely mesmerising.  I loved the singing and the whole icy atmosphere"