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The Kingdom of the Heart

“It was great, it was superb, it was magical, it was enthralling and it took me back to when I was a small boy, cross legged and utterly absorbed in stories told at the end of the school day.” Ilkley Literature Festival Blog


“A brilliant addition to the programme of performance storytelling in Bristol: a highly professional and polished show which had traditional stories and storytelling at its heart…” Martin Maudsley, Bristol Storytelling Festival


“Superb performance that held interest and beautifully wove together two separate stories spread over two halves. Cello worked with the voice splendidly. Stage setting was also striking.”

Angela Hicken, Winchester Discovery Centre



In collaboration with Sarah Llewellyn-Jones (cello).


Adverse Camber produced a national tour of The Kingdom of the Heart 2012-15, supported by Arts Council England.  The show is still available.

An inspiring evening of storytelling and music, based on two Czech wondertales.  What secrets does the Fiery Man reveal when he escapes from his kettle? Through a hole in the ground and an opening of the mind, a gleaming, golden land that's visible to those who know how to look.  In that land there’s a king with legs of stone, a queen enchanted by a serpent prince, a kingdom which has lost its way…  Can they find their way back, to the place where they remember what is in them to be, and to do, and to feel?  


Join a restless king, a talking horse, the old woman from the apple orchard and the youngest son of twelve on an unforgettable journey towards The Kingdom of the Heart.


The show is in two 45 minute halves and is not suitable for under 12s.  However, we do have a performance and workshop associated with this show suitable for KS2 and above: The Boy and His Horse.


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Audience response:

“A great evening!”

“Beautifully and lovingly crafted.”

"Katy Cawkwell is spell binding. The music is beautiful"

“That was the best twist in the tale ever!”

“I liked the moments of humour Katy found in the tales.”

“I really loved how the two tales linked up at the end – very satisfying.”