Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller: 0776 246 9059           Exeter, UK


The Boy and his Horse is available both as a solo performance and in collaboration with with Sarah Llewellyn-Jones (cello).


An inspiring, theatrical performance of storytelling and music, based on a Czech wondertale.  A wise and beautiful black mare helps a Prince on a magical quest.

They travel across land and sea, searching for a secret cure. Will the Kings of the Red, Green and White Islands help? And can they overcome the greatest challenge of all, on their return home? Suitable for KS2/KS3.


We offer a follow-up workshop with interactive exercises that cover

- structuring a story

- verbal description and imaginative use of sound

- experimenting with rhythm, repetition and delivery



Katy has many other wondertales in her repertoire to enchant, inspire and amaze.

For example, the Farmer and the Star Woman is a magical adventure retold with simple props and a sparkling back-drop to make it accessible even for EYFS, also delighting KS1 audiences.   The Hunter and the Blue Dove is another particular favourite: she has a robust, interactive version for Y2-Y5 and a more sophisticated performance version suitable for Y6-Y9 (and adults!)  Her version of Vasilissa and Baba Yaga works brilliantly with Y2-Y5.

The Boy and his Horse and other wonderful wondertales

"Very clear, lively delivery.  The story itself reinforced the skills the girls have been learning to use in story writing... we felt the cello really added to the telling on the story... The girls thoroughly enjoyed the workshops...They reinforced some of the work they have been doing on how to add detail through description of actions/behaviour... We also really liked the activity where you added sound effects to the story... Everyone was very positive about the day."


Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School on The Boy and his Horse


The performance and workshop would provide a wonderful starting point for a term's in-depth work on narrative, description and rhythm.  There is material here to inspire art, drama, music and written follow-up work.


Click here to see the schools trailer on youtube