Katy Cawkwell, Storyteller: 0776 246 9059           Exeter, UK

All of Katy's storytelling work in schools is of an interactive nature.  Even a performance will have the audience joining in (to a greater or lesser extent, depending on age and material!) and scope to ask questions and discuss the story afterwards.


However, you may also want to book Katy to run a follow-up workshop session after a performance.  Here are some ideas, although it is probably best to contact Katy and discuss specifically what you'd like to get out of the session and how long you have and she can then tailor a programme for your particular group.


She has a tried and tested format for teaching some basic storytelling skills using short folktales, in a fun, high energy, 45 min session, although obviously longer or repeat visits enable more in-depth, quality work to be achieved in this area.  This works best with Y4-Y6.


With KS3, she has a workshop where the students work in small groups on part of a longer story, resulting in a scratch group performance of the story at the end.


With EYFS-Y3, she would recommend some follow-up exercises based on specific stories that explore story structure, adapting a folk tale, making a story map, thinking about characters within the story etc...









Storytelling Workshops in Schools

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